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Hi I’m Rossy. Rositsa really, but everyone just calls me Rosi.

Yes it has an ‘i’ on the end. Writing my name I have found it easier to spell it with ‘sy’ on the end so people¬† get the sound right.

People are forever calling Rosie when I spell it the other way and it makes it awkward when they hear others call me Rossy.

Rositsa is Bulgarian and I do come from Bulgaria.
I am very lucky to have two places I can call home, the other is in New Zealand where my husband comes from.

A Small Story About Me.

Up until 6 years ago I was full time designing and making clothes and leather accessories.
My brother was an aspiring artist at this time and needed help with getting his exlibris art printed.
Consequently I became his print maker and had little time left to do my own work. Only ever doing designs for special occasions like weddings or school balls.
Julian, my brother, is now a sort after artist in his field.

A chance vacation, an unlikely meeting and taking a trip to New Zealand set my creative spirit soaring again.
Walking the beach and picking up driftwood gave me the inspiration to make my first driftwood sculpture of a dragon. It was given as a gift to my husband.

So Why Sewing Machine Creations?

I had found inspiration again and now wanted to get back to what I enjoy doing.
It has taken a bit of persuasion from my husband to start this site because I am not a writer and English is my second/third language. ( Why couldn’t it have Spanish I am so much more confident) I do speak four languages.

So with much help from Graeme, my husband, we got the plan laid down and some idea of what would be added here.

It is a work in progress like so many of the designs and creations we all make. So a few changes are inevitable.

If there is something I have made and you would like more information or just have a question please send an email, I will do my best to help you.