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Denim Cutoffs Give Your Old Jeans a Second Life

Jul 17

Denim Cutoffs Give Your Old Jeans a Second Life

Denim cutoffs are are very popular here in Europe as casual fashion wear.

However some of the pricing, especially well known brands, is a little more than many of us are willing to or can afford to pay.

I was doing my morning read this morning relaxing in the cool morning breeze that blows in from the terrace windows when I saw this headline from Brit

Who Wears Short Shorts? 3 Ways to Make Denim Cutoffs

I for one wear short denim cutoffs, mostly around the house, well I’m not in my late teens or early twenties any more so a little modesty has crept into my life, especially outside of the home.

Still, I like to wear cutoffs and the tutorial here is great for making your own. I feel sure many of you, like me, have a pair or 3 of denim jeans you can breathe a second life into.


Denim Shorts Cutoffs


For today’s DIY style project, we’ve created 3 stylish ways to play with cutoffs. First, a basic how-to on creating a simple pair of cutoffs (a cheese grater is involved!). Next, we take a pair of too-tight jeans (we all have them) and transform them into boho chic shorts. And finally, a couple ways to embellish a pair of cutoffs you’ve already got.

- jeans
- sharp scissors (ideally ones that are solely for fabric)
- needle and thread
- cheese grater
- pliers
- sturdy fabric
- trim, chain, studs, any embellishments you like

First we’ll show you how to make a distressed pair of cutoffs with a cheese grater, scissors, and pliers. For any pair of homemade cutoffs, it’s crucial… continue reading


As you can see there is nothing extra needed that you probably don’t already have in your home and sewing kit.

Lovin’ the use of a cheese grater to give the denim cutoffs a worn look.


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