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My Sewing Room – Almost Finished

Jul 08

My Sewing Room – Almost Finished

It’s been almost a month since I started the project on my new sewing room.
In between a few minor minor interruptions it has been a lot of hard work.

But I am pleased to say that it is almost finished – yay!

If you missed the beginning to this project you can read it here

I need to make some curtains (good excuse to go fabric shopping) and most importantly I need my machines, which have yet to be delivered from Sofia.

The room has been repainted, ceiling covered, new flooring and had the air conditioning repaired.

Rosi Painting

New ceiling panels

Painted cupboard doors

I tinted the colour for the cupboard doors

sewing room cupboards

Wallpaper inserts

I made the colour for the cupboard doors and window frames. I was to impatient to get on with painting to go to Pleven to buy shop tinted paint so I tinted my own by matching it to the colour in the wallpaper I used for the door inserts. The actual matched colour was a little to bright so I lightened it and it gave everything a softer feel.

The worst part was removing the old carpet…yik!
I think I was scratching for 3 days after lifting it up.
Even with all the new paint and ceiling panels the room never smelt fresh and clean… until the day the carpet was removed.

Just like magic, once the carpet left the smells of fresh paint arrived and the room had a clean feel to it.

floor insulation

Laying floor insulation


Laying the floor

Finished floor


Finished room - almost


Finished sewing room

There is however the matter of some electrical problem. We had the electrician in to find the fault and it was a mystery to him (which kinda made DH smile as he thought he was going mad trying to locate the fault)

When my brother first used the room as his studio for art my father had added a window, altered a wall and wired in some lights. We think it maybe the wiring of those lights that is the source of the electrical problem.
The wiring is plastered into the wall, as it often is in our buildings, so searching for the fault without major renovation to the walls is a no go.

I am sure the electrician and DH will get it sorted, without major damage to my newly painted walls.

Ironically, the first project done in my new sewing room was to print some works for my brother.
I am so pleased we had the air conditioning fixed ’cause the out side temperatures are between 33 and 37 deg C.
Making my sewing room a very nice hot box. After all it is located in the roof part of our apartment.

Printing in the sewing room

One of the first Prints

I am really happy with the way this room has turned out. I don’t mind admitting I had my reservations at first.

Now where is that delivery driver with my sewing machines!


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