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Celtic Knot Jewellery

Jun 30

Celtic Knot Jewellery

Before leaving New Zealand,  6 weeks ago, I ordered a book on Celtic Knot Jewellery.

I had first seen it at the public library and decided that it was something I really wanted.
When I ordered it I was hoping that it would arrive before we left.

Murphy’s Law, of course – it didn’t!

We had it posted on by DH’s parents. Unfortunately when I went to clear our post box I could not find the key and had to wait for a replacement (yes we had lost the key before and taken the spare from the post office previously)

Some days there just seems to be drama after drama.

Anyhoo… finally cleared our post box and got my book along with assorted mail and birthday cards from my birthday at the beginning of the month.

Here is my book – Celtic Knots for Beaded Jewellery by Suzen Millodot

Celtic Knot Jewellery

Although I love to sew I also have a thing for belt buckles and hand made jewellery. My stash of treasures for jewellery is an ever growing assortment of …. things!

You know, bead shops and shops filled with cheap jewellery they are like second heaven to me. There seems to be a magnetic pull coming from these shops every time I get within 100 meters of them.
I often buy ready made jewellery ’cause it is cheaper to buy and then pull it apart and make my own than it is to buy individual pieces.

Maybe I just like bright shiny objects :)

Take a look at some of the Celtic jewelry you can make…

Beaded Jewelry

Celtic Cross

Aren’t those knots just wonderful!

The diagrams and tutorials are very easy to follow (though I have only read them so far)

I got my book from Fishpond and online bookshop in NZ -  thinking I would get it faster.

It is available at Amazon.com and UK.

Well, my newly renovated sewing room is just about finished (will show you the completed room in a day or two. Just adding the finishing touches….and of course get my machines from Sofia)

I know making some Celtic knot jewellery is one of the first things I want to do when the room is done.

btw… if you have got any helpful tips about Celtic Knot jewellery, and would like to share them with me, that would be wonderful.


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