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Sewing Blues

Jun 21

Sewing Blues

Do you suffer from the sewing blues or craft blues when you can’t get to the creative things you want?

Well I am!

Life has been very busy these past few weeks and I have had no time to do any sewing or craft making.

I feel like a part of me is imprisoned and just wants to break free.

What with the print room make over to become my new sewing room, the cleaning out of the basement which just happens to be getting more stuff put into it than removed from it. Then there is the kitchen and terrace renovations… aaand currently I can not be at the apartment to further any of these projects along, as I am in Sofia helping Julian, my brother, sort out more of his art for another event that is  being held in Finland in August.

Normally I love working with my brother and doing the printing for him. Just right now these are not normal circumstances, I or we that includes DH have so much to do and in amongst all this there is no time for what I love to do.

Which is being creative in my own space!

I have a fabric stash that demands sorting. Not mentioning it to loudly here ’cause I  have that stored in the cupboards of DH’s office. It was a temporary thing 18 months ago.

Sewing Fabrics

Ohh…and the cupboard next that is also full.

And after looking at so many organised sewing rooms from many of the other wonderful sewing bloggers out there I am chomping at the bit to get my mine finished so I can enjoy the world I so like to be in. My world of sewing machines, fabrics, patterns and music of my choice.

My list of sewing projects is growing by the day, so it seems, or is that me just dreaming about what I could be making!

Adding to my sewing blues, DH bought a new pair of shorts the other day, something I could easily have made, given the time, not to mention the saving on the cost. They are not 10 dollar shorts!

It’s summer here and I am thinking of my pink jacket. A knitted jacket with hood and lined with polar fleece. No I have no lost it completely, though I have lost count of how many times someone has asked if I could make them one.

If only I had time.

I do not knit. Though I know many of my friends do. It is my idea to find a pattern for a jacket like this and then get one of my friends to knit it and I will line it. Though there are some changes that I have in mind that will personalize it to my way of making things.

Irony if you could call it that is that we bought the jacket from Hunting and Fishing in NZ.
What is a pink jacket doing a predominantly male shop? I don’t know but it fits me perfect and is the warmest jacket I have.

BTW… the day we walked into Hunting and Fishing you could not miss this jacket. Everything else was green, black or camouflage.

Knitted Pink Jacket

My lovely Pukeko material that just sits on the self, screaming at me to make the gorgeous place mats I have in mind for it.
Have I mentioned I love Pukekos?
They are native to NZ (I think)
I have a variety of Pukeko ornaments, jewlery, coasters and fabric of course.


Sewing Blues

Delightful sewing fabrics

Pukeko ornaments

Pukeko planter

Aren’t they just the funniest of birds?

Good news is that I will be back home for the weekend so I can get to work on my sewing room and dispel some of these sewing blues.

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