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Sewing Room Ideas and Inspiration Needed

Jun 12

Sewing Room Ideas and Inspiration Needed

Sewing room ideas and inspiration are a little slow in coming forth right now. Especially when you have get down and dirty and clean up someone elses mess first!

It’s been almost a month now since we moved back to Bulgaria.
Yes, it has been a busy time and not without it’s moments.

All troubles aside, I have finally got time to fix up my new sewing room.
The room I am going to use is my brothers old printing room. This place is located at the top of our apartment block and has seen little use in the past 5 years, now that Julian has a studio in Sofia.

When I first opened it up and looked around I felt quite over-whelmed. The place was musty, dusty, dirty and small. By comparison to what I had in New Zealand.

My sewing room

The printing press will stay as no doubt my services will be called upon in the not to distant future.  Besides which it’s very heavy and DH was not to thrilled with moving it unless it was dismantled.

My future sewing room

The room gets plenty of natural light and with some fresh paint and floor coverings it will turn out to be a cosy sewing room. (Currently using my best imagination on this)

So I have a bit of work ahead of me, I’m sure I can get DH in to help out. If not I will use bribery!

My first thoughts, after thinking about how I will clean the room, were, I need some kind of inspiration, I need to see what others have done in small areas. Not that I lack ideas, just inspiration and it is comforting to know others have faced similar challenges and seen the project through.

We all want to run before we can crawl and the first sewing room I came across is this (ok, so it wasn’t the first but it is certainly something to aspire to)….


Sewing Room IdeasSource

You will have to go and check out all the photos of that room, it’s simply amazing. Oh…and there is part 2 showing more pics of the room ….AND…. a fabric stash to almost die for.

Back to reality….

I found many other sewers and crafters out there who have got or had similar problems to me and their results amazed me. Some of the storage ideas are fantastic and I have jotted done many of them.

Watch out Ikea, I’m coming!

Although some of the best ideas I came across were where items had been upcycled, recycled or renovated to fit the bill.

This room from over at shabbychicsarah.blogspot.com inspires me for many reasons.


For ages the spare room was a junk room – a dumping ground for all things we couldn’t find a home for and the ironing mountain pile. The room would more often than not would look like we had been burgled!!
The boys shared the bigger room and quite adamantly didn’t want their own rooms (up until H being about 11 they even shared the double bed of a triple sleeper, bless).
So, I took over the room to be my girl cave. It’s only small, approx 8′ square but I have crammed a lot into it: … Continue reading
There is going to be part 2 and more than likely part 3 to my sewing room project.

Do you have any sewing room ideas that would be suitable for an attic type sewing room like mine?

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