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Baby Wraps Make Fashionable Baby Wearing

May 31

Baby Wraps Make Fashionable Baby Wearing

For what ever reason ( I just can’t remember why) Baby wraps crept in to our conversation the other day.

I was having pre-movie drinks with friends at the mall and watching the trailers on the screens. I think it was the trailer to What to Expect that brought the topic up.
Not being a mother I was little in the dark as to what a baby wrap was so ended up doing some research.
Part of me wished I hadn’t ‘ cause it was like…. what’s her name? – Yeah, Alice, falling down the rabbit hole.
I would just start to collect info on one type of baby wrap and then it would lead to something on another type and then other terms came into play like baby carriers and baby slings and of all things Baby Wearing.
Now before I go any further, for those that are like me and are not completely sure of what I am talking about I have managed to put these into 3 groups
Slings or Ring Slings – go across the should and cocoon the bay into the fold. Ring slings are adjustable.
Wraps – the most common being the Moby is a piece of cloth, about 4mtrs long that wraps around you and baby and ties off in a knot to secure.
Carriers – for want of a better description are like converted backpacks, with adjustable straps and supports.
The photos all show baby in front. This is not the only position to carry. Baby can be carried on the hip or the back as well, personal preference.
If you really want an education as to how to use a wrap, check out Youtube – How to use a baby wrap.
At the end of all this I had a fairly good idea of what everything was all about, just not practical know-how.
I have read enough info to really support a baby wrap, sling or carrier and conversely I have all so read enough to make me think twice about wrapping a baby to me.
My first thoughts are, should I be lucky enough to become a mother (I do hope to someday – soon) I would definitely buy a sling initially and move on to a wrap like the Moby Wrap or a carrier similar to the Beco ones. Though knowing me I would make my own.
The term associated with all these is – Baby Wearing.
Here are some of the advantages…
  • Breastfeed discreetly
  • Get housework done while caring for baby
  • Go to the store without having to haul around a baby stroller
  • Bond with your baby through touch
  • The list goes on and on!
Remember, I have still yet to prove this theory. Many others have already and it inspires me all the more.
Yes there are disadvantages too, the biggest being the heat of having baby and an extra layer of cloth wrapped around you.
For many this is no problem, just some suffer from getting to hot.
My research also made my eyes almost pop when I saw the prices for some of the brand name items. Not naming any but one brand wrap had a top price of 127 euros (I live in Europe so many of my searches are local)
However I did find an inspiring story from the founder of Beco…

We live close to the beach, so I headed for the beach with Duke in the carrier. For the first 10 minutes, I was the happiest mother on Earth; wearing my baby for the first time, proudly, happily. But once we hit the sand, I started to readjust the carrier constantly, wondering, what was going wrong. I’m very healthy and never had anything wrong with my back, until then; I was seriously aching from carrying a 9 pound baby. This experience set off my new desire to find (and/or make) something more comfortable to carry my baby in.

I remembered seeing some pictures of mothers from other cultures, carrying their babies. So I went to library and found books about the life of Native Americans, Africans and Asians. We did not have a computer at home at that time, but I used the one in library. Searching under “traditional baby carrying”, I discovered that I am about the 100,000th mom to do so! :) There was quite a lot of information out here already.

I went home and sewed my very first Mei Tai that day. It was perfectly usable and good enough looking… and I sold it!…More at The story behind the Beco Baby Sling | Natural Nursery Blog


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So if you are active type person – this is Me – or want to bond with your baby better resulting in less crying and a happier baby, apparently. Then…… these could be an answer for you.
Now I’m off to check my ‘cupboard of treasures’ for suitable fabrics.
BTW… I would love to hear your thoughts on these.


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