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Kitchen Renovations – Part I

May 25

Kitchen Renovations – Part I

Kitchen Renovations, seems along from sewing and crafting.

Well it’s sort of crafting, isn’t it?

This blog is meant to be about my sewing and craft adventures or the ones I find from all the other bloggers I follow and would like to share here.

However lately it seems to be a bit like a personal diary…but since this is my blog I suppose I can deviate off course for a while until things are back on track.

The transition from New Zealand back to Bulgaria seems to be going along nicely if somewhat slowly according to DH.
By transition I mean it takes time to adjust to the time difference, the seasons – going into summer here whereas winter in NZ and the language especially for DH who unfortunately only speaks English (he has promised to restart his Bulgarian lessons).
Not to mention  going from a living in a 4 bedroom 280 sq/m home to an 120 sq/m apartment with one bathroom. Seems we are always bumping into each other now.

I have a list of projects that I wish to complete in the coming months and post about here. However, one I never really thought about (or intended) is the renovation to the kitchen.

Compared to the kitchen in the house this one in the apartment is pokey, dated and in need of what-ever-it-takes to make it workable.

Strange, it never bothered me before, it worked and we got by.

kitchen in need of renovating

First things first….Fridge/freezer and a fully functional oven. There is two gas rings on the above oven that have never been set to work. Leaving only two hot plates to cook on.

So… yesterday I dragged DH off to Technopolis (electric and electronics dept store) to look at refrigerators and ovens. Both of these are absolutely D.E.D Dead in our apartment.
The oven has one temp. -high and the fridge does not so much have a freezer but a small chiller box. A loaf of bread and it is half full.

Gotta have things to keep and cook food in before walls come down and bench tops get replaced.

DH probably thought this would be a five minute job. Walk in choose appliances that we can afford and be done with it – Not so easy fella!

We left Technoplois  after being there for two hours without buying anything. We did have a list of possibilities written down with sizes and colours.

The following couple of days were spent getting our lives (work and play) back on track mixed with visits to various department stores (including the new Ikea here in Sofia) looking at different kitchen ideas and other assorted kitchen appliances that we require.

Gotta have new dishes and small appliances to match the new necessities – right?

Monday morning saw us back in  Technopolis ordering a fridge/freezer and oven. We had come to an agreement.

The items would be delivered on Friday, along with a microwave.
Things don’t happen to quickly here!

We could live another week with old stuff and it gave us time to get the contractors in to install the optic internet into the office.
Having the high speed internet installed was a pacifier for DH after the shopping trauma for appliances.

Friday and the arrival of our new stuff

New appliances for kitchen renovations

Yip. That’s me, happy camper.


Fridge kinda dwarfs the kitchen. It’s only temporary until we extend out on to the existing terrace.


Kitchen renovations part I
To keen to take pics of the new appliances in place I had not finished removing the energy sticker completely on the fridge.

The refrigerator and oven have switched places for now as there was no way the refrigerator was going to fit back where the old one came from, not without some instant demolition.

As it was we had to remove the shelving you see in the before photo to fit the fridge in

You know it seems once you have an idea to renovate one part of a place it automatically extends into another part and the simple idea at first just grows until it seems like a giant headache!

One step at a time I s’pose.


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