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When Learning to Sew – Did you Know….

May 20

When Learning to Sew – Did you Know….

Getting up this morning I kinda had my day planned starting with an up date here.

However as normal, things rarely go according to plan for me.

This here is my third attempt at writing a post the other two are still sitting in the text editor. The two previous attempts (of which I may finish and publish anyway) are more of a rant. Maybe rant is not quite right but it sounds good.

While attempting to update my online newspaper (paper.li – sew craft news) this morning (one of the two posts still in edit) I came across a really fab post by ikatbag – 10 Sewing Things I Want to Teach my Girls.


I’ve often been asked what beginners should know about sewing. It’s a difficult question to answer, because it feels like I’d be forcing different people, with different learning styles to follow some rigid, standard curriculum. I mean, I could make a list of different lists of things, depending on one’s approach and/or personality. For instance:


  • Equipment and tools to have before you even make your first stitch
  • Equipment and tools to collect over time
  • Practical fabric for your stash
  • Ambitious fabric for your stash
  • Skills you need to have before even turning on your sewing machine
  • Skills you need to learn within the first week
  • Skills you need to learn within the first year
  • Skills you need to make a bag
  • Skills you need to make a garment
  • Skills you need to cook dinner while simultaneously hand-embroidering a scarf
  • Projects for beginners
  • Projects meant for beginners but that nobody really likes
  • Projects meant for “intermediate” seamstresses but that beginners could actually do
  • Books that are useful to beginner seamstresses
  • Books that are totally useless to beginner seamstresses
  • Good video tutorials for beginner seamstresses
  • Useful and sometimes pretty hand-sewing stitches

and on it goes. Continue reading….


Learn to Sew


There not much more I could add to what Lier has said nor would I really want to.
What really sums sewing up for all those just starting out and even those of us with a bit more experience is the last 10 points.

BTW – if you don’t have time to read what she has written just pop over and have a quick look at what she has taught her daughters to make. They are only aged 4, 5 & 6


Now back to my previous post attempts (rants)


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