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Ramblings From a Jetlagged Sewer

May 16

Ramblings From a Jetlagged Sewer

Well, what a heck of a way to travel. I would have thought by now that they could have come up with a faster mode of transporting people around the world than an airplane.

Air travel is good when you only have to go a few thousand kms (miles) and sit for 3 -4 hours. It really is literally a pain in the backside when you have to travel for 11.5 hours, stop, get on another plane and do the same again, stop, and then another 1.5 hours until you reach your final destination.

Firstly it’s great to be back in Europe. I love New Zealand but Europe is my home.

Starting out last Sunday we caught the bus from Napier up to Auckland, a 7.5 hour drive. Yes, we could have flown but not booking our flights with Air New Zealand makes for luggage weight complications when flying domestically.The domestic service baggage weight limit is a lot less than international weight limits.

Monday morning is our flight out so we had a night in Auckland before catching out flight.
My time in the air is spent watching movies (5 this time), eating, drinking (non alcholic) and walking to the toilet to either stretch my legs or use it.
DH has one of those steel reinforced bladders, ‘ cause he drinks and does not have to pee, why is it men can do this?
I mean in the whole 11.5 hour flight he goes to the toilet once and I am sure half the reason is just to stretch his legs.

Another thing, it does not matter what the food is DH can eat it and on a Asian air line many things are spicy – I hate spicy food. It does not matter what I choose it all seems to be tainted with a hot spice. Why can’t they serve plain chicken and salad.
I love soup and yes they serve soup on the flight – seaweed soup!

The first stop over was in Seoul Korea, where Korean Air put you up for a night in a nice motel and feed you dinner and breakfast at their expense. No having to hang around an airport with this airline.
The shower and rest from sitting is a welcome break. Not to mention a first class buffet meal, which happened to be not all spicy food. Beautiful chicken kebabs on a stick, fresh fruit and a thick creamy vegetable soup. I ate so much I couldn’t even eat icecream!

Next morning you are collected and delivered back to the airport (incheon) to catch the next flight which is to Vienna Austria for us. Whether you know it or not you are in the first stages of being a walking zombie. Your body clock is starting to get very confused. Crossing a few time zones does this and no matter what you do it still affects you some way.

Boarding another aircraft for another 11.5 hour flight is NOT what my body or mind wanted to do. I had only been on board for 15 mins when my backside started to hurt, can you imagine how it felt by the time we got to Vienna?

Still I managed to see 3 movies, sleep eat more spicy food but I only moved once to go to the toilet. Why I don’t know. By this time my body thinks it should be sleeping when in fact it’s awake is all I could put it down to. That or I was to damn zombified to care if I wet my pants or not, lucky for me I didn’t.

Once we arrived in Vienna we had to get boarding passes for the final leg of our journey. We had already pre-checked all our luggage through to Sofia but only had boarding passes for the flights to Vienna ’cause from Vienna to Sofia was on a Austrian Air plane.

They couldn’t give us seats beside each other but at least they where in the same line. Funny thing, DH had a seat between two woman on his side of the plane and I had a seat between two men on my side.
Compared to the last two flights this last leg of our journey seemed like we had just taken off and then we where landing again.

My brother Julian met us at the airport. Getting all our luggage into his small car and us as well was a tight fit but we managed.

Arriving back at his apartment at midnight I was by this stage wide awake.

We both know from previous experience that in a couple of days the jetlag will hit us and then we both will probably get the flu, an effect from being run down and living in air conditioning with 300 other people in tight confinement.

So it took us from 8.00am Sunday morning NZ time ’til 12.00am Wednesday morning Bulgarin time to get home. Or using NZ time as the basis 8.00am Sunday to 9.00am Wednesday.
Anybody that says flying is easy has not had to spend 24 hours flying to get to their destination.

I can’t think of a more further starting point than New Zealand in order to get back to Europe. I suppose there is Antartica.

I’m glad we’re staying longer this time in Bulgaria, I do miss the family and New Zealand but those flights are killer and why we don’t have teleportation is …well…beyond me!

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