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Heading Back to Bulgaria

May 08

Not so much about sewing and crafting today. A lot about cleaning up and moving the things you love.

It’s only 5 days to go before we leave lovely New Zealand and head home to Bulgaria. I know we  are not the only ones with a bit or turmoil going on in our lives there are a few others out there in  the craft world doing something similar and I can relate to the mix of emotions you feel.

Mostly we have learned to travel reasonably light with living between two countries,though this  move back to Bulgaria is going to be an extended one and the things we are taking (or trying to  take) with us exceed our total bagage limit for flying – what to do!

We should have organised the shipping of the things we wanted to take home a few weeks  ago…both DH and I never realised or wanted to admit that we had so much we wanted to take.

On top of our packing and preparing for the move I have received a couple of orders for the rider oilskin jeans that I make for all weather motorcycling and an order for exlibris prints from a collector in Italy (I have mentioned that I am print maker to my brother Julian – right?)

Unfortunately these will have to wait now until we get back home. Fortunately all parties concerned  have no problems with this and are quite happy to wait.

Thought I would show you a couple of pics of the oilskin jeans, these are the ones I made for me in blue.


oilskin jeans

The design in the stitching you can see on the leg also secures the Kevlar protection in place

When I make the jeans for guys, mostly they want a little room in them to move but still look good.

For me I wanted something a little more fitted, yet comfortable when sitting for long periods.

My normal jeans are hipsters, however on a bike they are not really ideal you require something a little higher.

Kevlar protection

Kevlar fabric covering the backside and down the legs.

inner liner and pocket for knee guard

Kevlar covering the knee area and a pocket for CE knee protectors if required. Removable/washable liner zips in at the top

Some of the works that I print for Julian. They are etchings and these particular prints are known as exlibris (bookplates)

And I suppose back to reality, my present situation and chaos

workshop tools

Some of the stuff we wished we could take or should have organised to take :(

office mess

See the black and blue bags, they are what we are taking.

BTW… see the vest on the back of the office chair…that’s DH’s trusty oilskin vest. It has seen better days but he likes the weathered look.

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