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Creative Gifts for Mothers Day

May 03

Well Mothers Day is just around the corner.

What have you got in mind to give to the woman who knows you like prob’ly no one else and has seen you through good times and bad.

It’s the one day I know for many men to show a little appreciation to their mothers, that they have not totally forgotten them.

For my Mother it’s is easy, she loves plants or something simple for the home.

DH’s mother is another kettle of fish all together. She wants for nothing, has everything she wants and considers most gifts for these occasions as clutter.

This year I may just be able to help him find something that even She would consider a treasure.

Over at Sew4Home there is some fab ideas and I am confident we can agree that one of them will be sure to impress.

Mother’s Day is May 13th. But… you already knew that, didn’t you? No worries. There’s still time to create a special gift for this very special gal. Don’t you remember how much she treasured that macaroni-and-construction-paper card you made in second grade or the annual Cheerios® and burnt toast breakfast-in-bed? She’d still love to receive a handmade gift, and we’re here with 20 great ideas: eight Mother’s Day classics from the S4H archives, plus another dozen quick and easy gift ideas, which weren’t official Mother’s Day projects, but are still dang cute! Continue reading…


creative gifts for mothers dayImage via sew4home

So what’s your mother like to buy for? Easy and appreciates anything you give her or damn near impossible and gives you a brain ache just thinking about it.

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