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Felt Crafts for Kids

Apr 23

Felt Crafts for Kids

Felt Crafts have Featured High in my Week – Again!

The wine bottle covers have been selling well at the winery and I was asked to make a jewellery holder.

Having completed the holder and sent it off to the customer I sorted through the pieces of felt that I had left and decided I would buy more here (in NZ) as it is a third of the price compared to back in Bulgaria.


felt craft jewellery holder


Strange huh… you can buy a kilo of peppers for 2.50 in Bulgaria and they are 2.50 each here but when it comes to craft supplies and other non essentials prices in NZ are so cheap. Lets not talk to much about food here though…cost of living is expensive!!

Wool Felt Needle Book

Much of the felt crafts work I do is done with synthetic felt squares you can buy at any craft shop. They are easy to work with and come in almost all of the bright colours under the rainbow.

It is on my “To Gather” list to get some wonderful Wool Felt Pieces

Living Crafts have a wonderful tutorial on making a wool felt needle book

This is a perfect project to use whatever felt pieces you have on hand; wool felt scraps, favorite collected pieces or felt from old sweaters are all ideal. A good size for a needle case is about 4 inches x 5 inches, give or take a little! …Continue to the tutorial


Wool felt(Source)


Got a Hankering for Some Pancakes?

This recipe is simple to make, make as many as you like and you still wont add an inch to your waist line.

This tutorial shows you how to make pretend faux felt food perfect for classroom pretend play or Mothers day gifts for a pancake loving mummy. …More at Felt Food – Pancakes – DIY Craft Project Instructions


felt food crafts(Source)


Fairy Wands of the Felt Kind

If the previous recipe had your imagination running wild with delicious foods then this next felt creation could possibly, magically, make it all come true.

Who can turn flowers into fairies, a dog into a dragon, and a pesky sibling into a troll? Children, of course! With just a flick of their wrist and the help of a magic wand, ANYTHING is possible and probable :) And, if the wand is a beautiful flower, all the better!
To make your own want you will need: … Flower Fairy Wands



fairy wands made of felt pieces(Source)


No Sewing Machine required

I love these simple yet so cute flower bracelets from Merriment Design.

Here’s a super cute DIY spring and summer craft that you can knock out in less than an hour: Easy no-sew felt flower bracelets.
I love how cheery these no-sew felt flower bracelets look. And it’s nice to be able to make a cute project without having to drag out my sewing machine…. Easy DIY no-sew felt flower bracelets


sewing free felt bracelets(Source)


Sewing Kit on Hand

We have all made at least one sewing organiser in our time of sewing. I think it was was one of the first things I was shown how to make when I first took an interest in sewing. Though I must admit my first one was no where near as delightful as the example in this tutorial from Crafting Tales.

Some times it’s nice to have a few sewing supplies on hand in another room for a quick mending job. This one can be hung or a magnet glued to the back so it can stay on the fridge. Recipes or coupons can be kept in the pocket also or use it as a note holder. Just make the loop of ribbon shorter on top and insert a pencil. Add a pack of sticky notes in the pocket. If making it as a sewing caddy, you can buy a travel sewing kit at a dollar store and most come with a tiny pair of scissors. Include these things in the caddy and you can have a sweet little gift to give on Mother’s Day…. Read more about the Miniture Sewing Caddy



sewing organiser(Source)


The round up to my week of felt crafts has to be these adorable bow ties.

I think even if you don’t have a young man to pin one on you would still want to make one…or three!

Last fall I sat in church next to one of my good friends and a little boy went running past trying to find his momma. He was wearing the cutest felt bowtie. We both gushed over it and I promised her we would totally make our boys ones because (as always) “we can totally make that”. It’s not the can we but will I ever actually do it ha! More then six months later I went on a bowtie making marathon! Once I made one and saw how cute it was that was the end of it. I had to have one in every color. Then I had to take Finn, who was on spring break, and his buddies Jack and Thomas to the farm: Let me see the photos of no-sew felt bow ties.


This week I also finished making the dragon head for the front of young Tully’s new birthday present. Tully is the youngest of two boys to our neighbours John and Karla and his birthday is early next month.

I thought I would add something special for him…… more to come on this soon


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