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Handbags For All Occassions

Apr 16

Handbags For All Occassions

Handbags Come in Many Forms


Perfect definition of our love of Handbags

Handbags are a woman’s best friend, you can go without a lot of things in this day and age but the one thing you don’t leave the house without is your handbag. (Source)


Why do you call your handbags different names? I mean you call one a tote bag another a sling bag, shoulder bag, messenger bag. The only one I understand is backpack.

A small snippet of conversation from my DH the other day as we packed up more stuff into boxes.

A handbag is not just a handbag I told him. DH that is. I don’t fully know why I/we call them different names, I guess it describes the purpose for which they are used.

However at some point in the conversation I did ask him why he has different names for his screwdrivers…. nuf said.

Besides which I don’t have a large collection of handbags. My bags are mostly for practical use.

Any way, it’s been a busy week here again, though not a lot of crafting and sewing going on.
Sometimes life does just get in the way :(

The subject of handbags seemed to pop up regularly this week. Just about every day someone was mentioning bags from totes to iPhone cases.

First up is one of my favourites, the backpack. I know they come and go in style, though for me they never went out. The backpack is the most useful bag I have and I definitely use it the most

Is it true? Has the backpack made a comeback? This utilitarian and practical carryall in its modern, zippered incarnation dates back all the way to the turn of the 20th century, though humans have been carrying stuff on their backs for literally thousands of years.

As far as the backpack as fashion accessory, we only have to look as far back as the early 90’s when this hands-free handbag was all the rage – remember Prada’s mini nylon version? Or the girls from Clueless matching their mini packs to their over-the-knee socks? Back then, it was the smaller the better. Continue reading


handbags come in many shapes and sizes(Source)

You know tote bags are always popular, most of us have at least 2 or 3. More if you are like me and make them as sewing projects, each one being different in it’s pattern or how it made.
As with this tote bag tutorial  from Sew Prim Khris

This tote bag is done slightly different to the standard tote where you make the outer bag and then the lining and pop one inside the other. You actually sew one lining to one outer fabric and then sew them all together after putting on pockets and handles.

I have created a PDF tutorial/free pattern to download so that you will find it easier to print and have handy.

Tote bags make good handbags


No particular bag of choice here but since annual Coachella Festival started last weekend I thought it reasonable to assume that someone (in the rag trade) would suggest something to wear at this seemingly very popular US event.
Here is a small look at what Fab Sugar put together…

We’re making the trek to Indio tomorrow for the weekend-long music (and style!) festivities at Coachella. Before we hit the ground, first things first — we’ve got a lot of packing to do. Three days in the desert means a lot of time in the sun and on our feet, so we’re looking to sundresses, walkable footwear, and sweet shades to get us through the days ahead in comfort and style. Continue reading…

Custom tote bag(Source)


Biker Babe – that’s ME! Well I like to think so. I may not ride but I do look damn good on the bike behind DH.
OH yes and those biker rallies that the boys like to go to …well they aren’t just about motorcycles.
I have seen some wonderful hand made crafts and clothing at these events and the one thing they are very lucky to have is that what they make never seems to go out of style.

I admit it was the title of the article over at refinery29 that got me interested
Biker Babes, Unite!

Unfortunately I got the biker part wrong and the bags discussed are for ‘Chics’  who commute on bikes – the pedal type.


…if you’re a die-hard two-wheeler who braves those perils and relies on a trusty steed to get to work every day, odds are good that you need a comfortable, practical bag that fits your daily essentials and stays put as you pedal — but still feels chic enough to wear around town.


Messenger bag(Source)

Not really a bag but I thought it was just so cute. Besides it has a very good tutorial on how to make one for yourself.

Custom iPhone Case Tutorial

Pity I don’t have an iPhone, I figure I can do my own customising to make one for my Samsung Galaxy.

habdcrafted iphone case(Source)

There where dozens more as you could imagine.

Handbags are a very big part of our girl life.Without them I wouldn’t be able to carry my ever present bottle of water, wipes, coin purse…

How my DH can just get up go with nothing but money in his pocket still baffles me.


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