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A Look at Vintage Fashion

Apr 02

A Look at Vintage Fashion

People with a Passion for Vintage Fashion

Fashion comes and goes as quick as the seasons change. Vintage fashion seems to be eternal, with new life being breathed into it with each passing year.


Another week is over, where did it go?
God I am still back on last Wednesday somewhere. I need to get off this train and stop for awhile. Not going to happen this side of June…oh… and then I will be busier still, not just with my projects but also in the print shop for Julian.

Although I have busy and time seems to have passed me by, I have not been busy in my workshop. Much of what I have been doing is in preparation for the move back to my part of the world.

Actually not making anything in my workshop gave me an opportunity to experiment with some desert recipes this week. Blackberries grow wild in the hills behind the house, so DH and I have been picking them, and I have been experimenting by making a couple of traditional Bulgarian deserts.

Think blackberries mixed with ricotta cheese and lightly baked – yum!

While taking care of moving preparations and practicing my cooking skills I have been following up on vintage fashion. Highlighted to me by the fact that a local store here in Napier has a whole window display dedicated to vintage fashion, in a modern way.

Napier is also Art Deco Capital and every year for a week in February people dress in vintage from the 20′s and 30′s (actually any time period so long as it is vintage) Old cars, trucks, motorcycles, and machinery are brought out and paraded around in memory of those early days.

I really should have written something about the art deco weekend ’cause it really is a buzz to be around. I may sort some photos and put them up here.

The fact that Glassons was doing a window display made it hit home with me that this trend of vintage fashion really has become mainstream and gone global.


A Not So Forgotten Era

This little antique white dress is so cute as many of the comments mention…I am not sure of the period styling but the flat brown leather shoes and the crossbody bag are the perfect compliment to it.

vintage fashion

Image via Strawberrykoi

Diary of a vintage girl comes from the UK and as with the other Northern Hemisphere counterparts everyone is going a little crazy with the first few days of warm sunshine.
The peach bolero really caught my eye, that and the embroidery added to this vintage gingham wrap dress. It really gives the dress that period look (being the 40′s) and a point of difference.

Side Note: Fleur is the owner of diary of a vintage girl and in her about me page she mentions Marmite toast. Me I’m a Vegemite on crumpets fan. Those of you who know these spreadable products will understand my point. Bit like Coke vs Pepsi

40's vintage fashion

Image via Diaryofavintagegirl

What’s a dress from any period of time with out shoes and a bag
Swedish Hasbeens  have the perfect compliment to just about any vintage fashion.

vintage shoes and bags

Image via Mademoiselle Robot

It’s the 100 year anniversary of the Sinking of the Titanic.

…many of us look back at the early 1900s and the time of the Titanic (or any other era) and become entranced by the glorious fashions, or fascinated by the minutiae of the social structures in place and how they dictated the directions and possibilities of people’s lives… continue reading

19th centuary fashionThreadsmagazine

I wasn’t quite sure what to make of this at first.
Then it (slowly) dawned on me that I have never really considered vintage under garments.

Not only do you get a glimpse of vintage lingerie but the backdrops to the photo shoot by Paris based photographer, Melanie Rodriquez, are just perfect. The table cover matches the wall paper, like the wall has somehow melted over the table.

vintage lingerie

Adore-vintage via Melanie Rodriguez

The concept of taking the 1950s bombshell look out of Europe and planting it in the streets of Brooklyn is given a little bit of rawness by way of Terry Richardson’s hand. But even so, it’s pure femininity in each and every shot as Miranda Kerr struts the gritty Brooklyn streets in what Harper’s Bazaar bills as ‘unforgettable daywear’. But while ‘daywear’ may be a fitting description for some of the outfits…continue reading

50's fashion

Image via Fashionising.com

There is plenty going on with vintage fashion currently and I can’t see it stopping any time soon. Trend or not I think there is a place and always will be,  for a little fashion nostalgia.

We may live in a throw away society now, lucky for us they thought differently back then.

My mother has wardrobes and boxes full of clothing some dating back to my grandmothers time (1930′s). It was always a special treat when I was a little girl to dress up in some of these clothes. Lately I have found myself revisiting them with a new sense of excitement.

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