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Six Great Sewing and Craft Ideas

Mar 25

Six Great Sewing and Craft Ideas

Some of the great sewing or craft ideas I read about this week, not in any particular order.

I must say Spring is featuring heavily everywhere and I can tell most peeps are over winter. What is surprising is the number of baby clothes (ages 1 -5) posts. Seems with the coming of Spring many are going all gogo gaga over baby clothing and pics.

It’s just an observation!

While on the topic of babies here is my first pick from this weeks reading. I really do love this bubble romper from over at Make it and Love it

sewing machine creations

Little Baby Girl of the family doesn’t have many cooler things to wear yet……..so I made her a little bubble romper last weekread more

People who can write a book about their passion, hobby or interest are a big inspiration to me.
Personally I would like to write and release a book on Kindle as so many people are on the move these days and Kindle just makes reading and buying so easy.

As applique is a personal favourite of mine you can understand why I picked this. If you are wondering I have added it to my wish list . Pop over to All About Applique

Did I mention everyone is Spring crazy. So here is the top 10 current selling patterns as mentioned by Burdastyle
My pick is the Cheongsam Dress

What did I say about kids – they even feature twice here in my top reads. This funky tunic style dress caught my attention because I love the bright colour, though why I think this is a great read is what Jessica from mesewcrazy.com did with her daughters boots – think glitter!

Over the past couple of months I have been getting books out of the library on origami and studying the patterns, scanning the ones I like and sorting them into folders for projects I have ideas for.
Well this video tutorial will lead you through the paper piecing method for recreating the designs in fabric.

Read more and see the videos at Sew Mama Sew

Have you seen the patchwork furniture at Squint ltd? No!

Have a look at my dream chesterfield couch, an item on my virtual shopping list.

It really is quite the attention grabber. In fact I have a certain chair I intend to reinvent in a similar way.

Taking on a project like a recover might not be your thing however the chairs featured here are a good example of something simple yet unique.

This is so well said by Melissa over at The Inspired Room….. So one of the goals in my home office makeover is to transform it from simply a place to work in to a place to retreat from the rest of the house while workingcontinue reading

It was not an easy time to pick five or six top reads from all the blog posts and articles I read during the course of the week. There are so many talented sewers and crafters out there.

At the end of each week I hope to post five – seven top reads from the week. This week I hopefully will be a little more organised. (There seems to be a lot hope going on here)



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