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Creative Sewing Projects Wine Bottle Covers

Jan 24

Creative Sewing Projects Wine Bottle Covers

These Wine Bottle Covers are a Simple Sewing Project that

You or the Kids Can Do


wine bottle decorating


Making wine bottle covers was not really what I had in mind to make for a Christmas gift for my mother-in-law.

But hey if you can’t buy the perfect gift for the woman who has everything…well, she doesn’t have everything but she definitely wants for nothing.

What can I get her? That was my dilemma up till almost Christmas eve.
Browsing through one of my husbands car or plane magazines, I don’t remember which, all I remember is the bottle of wine I saw on one of the pages.

Hilda, my mother-in-law is a wine drinker, not big one she just enjoys a glass before dinner. Don’t we all. My initial idea was a wine bottle rack made from driftwood off the beach (something else I like to do).

It was the eleventh hour so no time to do a sculpture work.
If not a wine rack, then what? Dress a bottle of wine up? Hmm…Why not?

Dress it up how? Why so many questions.
You know how you sometimes can get an idea but can’t quite grasp the whole thing. You know what I was going through then.

Wine Waiter is born, so to speak. Dress a bottle of wine, that Hilda really likes, up with a wine waiter uniform and present it to her as if the waiter is bringing the wine.

Wine Bottle Crafts

Wine Bottle Waiter

Decorating a wine bottle is nothing new. It is sometimes the simple things that have the biggest impact.
Christmas day came and my wine bottle waiter was a hit. Yes, the mother-in-law loved it.

The waiter covers an empty bottle of wine now.


Make Your Own Wine Bottle Covers

Let me just start by saying “It doesn’t have to be a wine bottle”.
You can use any bottle you like from soft drink to olive oil bottles. Using a wine bottle does make it easier as many of these have straight sides.

If you are happy using a wine bottle  and don’t  want to make your own patterns you are welcome to use the ones I made. You can download them here -  wine waiter pattern. There is also patterns for a waitress as well.

They are in PDF form so you will need a PDF reader like Adobe.

Using a tape measure I took the wine bottle measurements.

Drawing on the light card I made the pattern.

I cut out the pattern and laid them on to the pieces of felt of the color I wanted the pieces in.

With the pieces now cut from felt I began pinning and sewing. Use the bottle as your model to get a good fit.

The bow tie is hand stitched and the buttons are sewn on by hand.
Using small stitches position the sleeves how you wish and sew them to the waist coat to hold them in place.

wine bottle cover creation


You can see photos of the steps taken to make a wine waiter and download them if you want, wine waiter creation.

Maybe  it’s coincidence or is it something else.

The neighboring winery has taken a liking the wine bottle covers and I have now made them for display and sale there.




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