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Craft Ideas with a Sweet Taste

Mar 10

Craft Ideas with a Sweet Taste

Pins and Pinning Craft Ideas


While I was relaxing and doing one of my fav things on the computer lately – pin things to my boards on Pinterest – I love finding and sharing what others do…

Hmm, on a side note, I have been made fully aware of copyright infringements so many of  my previous pins have been removed and I am careful what I pin now without prior permission. Better cautious than sued!

Where was I ? Oh yes pin cushions.

We all love to make small craft things that are cute looking and serve a small purpose. Craft ideas like these pin cushion jars fit that bill perfectly over at ‘make it and love it’.

I first found Ashley and her blog www.makeit-loveit.com while doing a blog search on crafts a few months ago. It was the green on her site that capitvated me, I love green and orange.

Today, it was the what looks like small easter eggs in a jar that captivated me. Probably because I am in the middle of making some small easter egg holders for a craft evening I am attending in a couple of weeks.

What Ashely has done …… actually I wont spoil it go and check it out for yourself and see this simple little project.

Need a simple little project that will make you happy? And will also brighten up your sewing table?

Turn a regular old canning jar (or any other kind of a jar) into a pin cushion. And then fill it with buttons, pins, bobbins, clothing labels, or whatever little things that need a cozy home in your sewing space. Perfectly cute.

craft ideas that are simple to make

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